Dry Shampoo 5 Oz

    Hold product 6-8 inches away from hair. Spray dry shampoo onto the oiliest parts of the hair at the root and throughout hair. Brush product through for a fresh, clean feel and to work through to remove any residue.

    Size 150ml


    IsobutaneAlcohol denat.Dimethylimidazolidinone Rice StarchAluminum Starch OctenylsuccinateParfumAcrylates CopolymerMagnesium CarbonateVP/VA CopolymerAlpha-isomethyl iononeLinaloolHydroxycitronellalHexyl cinnamalT-Butyl AlcoholCitronellolGeraniolDenatonium BenzoateLimoneneBenzyl AlcoholTetrahexyldecyl ascorbatePanthenolAquaIsoeugenolCinnamyl AlcoholPentylene GlycolRhodiola Rosea Root Extract


    The high-performance formula is great for reviving 3rd and 4th day hair. Simply spray it onto oily roots, brush your hair and you are done. It can also be used as a styling refresher after blow-drying for added grip and volume.

    Shake well before use.
    Only use on dry hair.
    Hold product 20-30 cm away from hair while spraying.