Neovadiol Lip & Eye Contour

    Neovadiol Gf Contours is our first eye and lip product adapted to women during the menopause. It is designed especially for the eye and lip contour and backed by 14 years of research into changes in the skin due to hormonal ageing.
    Helps to improve loss of skin firmness and definition
    Designed specifically to help improve menopausal skin ageing
    Enriched with moisturising Proteic Gf and Proxylane
    Innovative cooling applicator

    Smoothes the lip and eye contours
    This product is enriched with Proteic Gf and Proxylane, and aims to plump skin with moisture. It’s enriched with shea butter and beeswax, so melts into the skin, leaving a non-sticky finish. The innovative cooling applicator soothes the lip and eye contours.

    Size 15ml


    Cleanse and tone the skin. Pat dry
    Apply corrective serum to face and neck, followed by hydrating moisturiser
    Apply Neovadiol GF to the eye and lip contours using the innovative cooling applicator