Shu Uemura Delicate Comfort Deep Cleanser Shampoo

    Description:  Shu Uemura Delicate Comfort Deep Cleanser Shampoo hydrates hair and scalp with onsen-inspired ferment and cherry blossom extract.

    This moisturising oil shampoo deeply cleanses hair and scalp, effectively removing product build-up, excess sebum and impurities. At the same time, it has a soothing and hydrating effect, leaving the scalp feeling calm and comfortable. The transparent formula is easy to distribute throughout the hair and transforms into a rich lather. The result: Your scalp is balanced while your hair feels soft and lightweight.

    Size 400 ML


    AquaSodium Laureth SulfateCoco-BetaineGlycerinSodium ChloridePolyquaternium-10PEG-60 Hydrogenated Castor OilSodium benzoateSodium HydroxidePropylene GlycolCitric acidHexylene GlycolSalicylic AcidIsopropyl MyristateThermus thermophillus fermentLimoneneButylene GlycolPhenoxyethanolOryza sativa lees extractPotassium sorbatePrunus lannesiana flower extractParfum


    Apply on wet hair, massage & rinse thoroughly.